About Aipc Pandora

At AIPC Pandora we train and empower young people to lead a fair and sustainable world, organizing programs in more than 60 countries.

How do we do that?

We complement the education of youth by exposing them to global and international challenges. We contribute to the globalization of educational institutions and expand the access to international education to all young people regardless of their origin and condition.

We promote the mobility of young people around the world in international volunteering, cultural exchange and social entrepreneurship programs by promoting a triple impact on their personal and professional development, in the local communities they support and contributing to the creation of a fairer and more sustainable society aligned with the 2030 Agenda.


Our current methodology is the product of 19 years of experience and feeds on different approaches such as the Global Service Learning, the development of the OECD Global Competences and our 3-phase journey which is included in all of our projects. training, direct experience and actions developed when returning from the projects allow a transformation of our youngsters to Global Citizenship


1. Learn

Forming and preparing our participants.


2. Act

Forming and preparing our participants.


3. Transform

Forming and preparing our participants.

How does AIPC Pandora work in the world?

Our strong international vocation of AIPC Pandora has been decisive for our work and the direction of our growth. e focus on the value of a cultural exchange, network work between different actors around the world and to the exchange of solidarity generated by this methodology, managing and optimizing its results for the benefit of all participants.

Our international architecture is built by formal and informal means such as the following:

asset 6

Federation Experiment in International Living

19 partner organizations who are experts in international solidarity and intercultural programmes and a consultant member of the United Nations. AIPC Pandora held the vice-presidency of the Federation until 2020.

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AFS Intercultural Programs subsidiary international network with 49 partner organizations which are working for general knowledge and capacity to promote a fairer and more peaceful world.

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Anna Lindth Foundation

Unique consulting entity of the network of Euro-Mediterranean governments formed by civil society organizations working for integration at all levels in the region.

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Impact Hub Madrid

An ecosystem of social innovation present in more than 85 cities around the world which consists of 15,000 entrepreneurs who manage collaborative spaces that bring together professionals and services.

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World Alliance for Citizen Participation is an influential network of organizations, local and international, that works to expand the capacity of civil society globally and counts among its members social organizations.

AIPC Pandora in Spain

In Spain, we have a collaboration agreement for the management of the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union. We are also part of the Impact Hub Networkand the Spanish Network of Learning and Service


AIPC Pandora and tax deductions (For residents in Spain)

AIPC Pandora is a non-profit organization, declared a public utility by the Ministry of interior (National Register number of Associations: 584742) In humanitarian programmes involving a cost, Law 27/2014 of 27 November on Corporation Tax (BOE No. 288 of 28 November) introduces amendments, with effect from 1 January 2015, to Law 49/2002 of 23 December on the Tax Regime of Non-Profit Entities and Tax Incentives to Patronage which entails the following:

•The percentage of deduction applicable by natural persons in their IRPF is increased from 25% to 30%; the first 150 euros for each IRPF taxpayer’s set of donations have a 75% deduction (50% in 2015).
Natural persons may apply a 35% deduction (instead of 30%) for excess of over 150 euros donated, provided that donations have been made to the same entity.
• Trust donations for a minimum of 3 years, made by legal entities, shall be entitled to a deduction in corporation tax of 40%, although in 2015 this percentage is set at 37.5%.

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