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International Education and Experiential Learning in Spain

Our Programs

Our programs are completely centered on experiential learning, in which we generate the curiosity and knowledge necessary from the students with their participation, their life experiences and the process of reflection that results from their actions during the programs.

Homestay in Spain program

Tailored Programs

These programs are adapted to every center’s needs and to the complete educational cycle. They may focus on specific subjects related to a particular center’s educational content, or on historical, cultural, or environmental aspects relevant to the country in which the program takes place. 


Language learning

Programs are conducted fully in Spanish, and intensive language courses may be taken additionally. The homestay experience offers students full immersion into the local community and culture.

Año Europeo Juventud mundo

Global Issues

Programs are based on the major global challenges of our societies and encourage young people to take a stance on these issues, promoting proactivity and participation upon their return home.


Programs present volunteers with real issues and foster proactivity and commitment regarding various causes. Activities are specifically designed for each respective age group as an introduction to international volunteering.



Programs are structured according to the FEIL network’s resources. This network is one of the leading international exchange structures in the world. Students are guided by a local group of leaders who ensure the educational, intercultural, and experiential success of the experiences.

Año Europeo Juventud proyectos

Safety and Risk Limitation

We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all participants by utilizing risk-prevention mechanisms and having specialized staff on site.


Full support

All programs are led by a professional group leader specifically trained by us with ample previous experience. The leader will ensure the execution of logistics and the transmission of knowledge foreseen in the thematic project.

Competencies Developed


Ability to know oneself individually and as a member of society, that is, as a citizen.


Intercultural Communication:

Listen, correctly understand feelings, points of view, reasoning, ideas, and concerns of others even if they express themselves differently and respond to different points of view


Emotional Intelligence:

Consider and empathetically assess the information and opinions of others.


Linguistic Competencies:

Express themselves understandably and effectively in their mother tongue and master other languages


Critical Thinking:

Identity, understand, compare, and evaluate the information impartially and rationally


World View:
Read, interpret, and understand the world multidimensionally and encompass, at different scales, geographical (local, regional, national, and global), and social (individual and community).



Lead a group of people and achieve goals and common objectives.


Team Building:

Cooperate and collaborate with others, act in a group setting, and join forces with those of other groups to achieve common goals.


Conflict Resolution:

Analyze the problems (causes, actors in play, and power relations between them) and propose solutions conciliatory, based on common interests, fairness, justice, and impartiality.


Technical Thinking:

Reflect and act on specific situations.

Voluntariado jóvenes Marruecos
Academic Year in Spain - Galicia

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