Academic Year in Spain

The program is aimed at students from 14 to 19 years old, combining a local family stay and public high school experience, for a period that goes from three months to the full school year (10 months).

Acquire global skills that strengthen you as a person and guide you in your future.

You will be able to develop skills that will allow you to excel in the areas where you want to focus such as environmentalism, sustainability, social integration, or equality in all areas.


 years old

3 – 4 – 6 – 10 months*

*Please inquiry for different program’s lengths.

Educational and Cultural Exchange

During the program, you will discover Spain and its culture, while improving your language and social skills by living with a local family and continuing your education at a local high school.

You will live in, adapt, and understand multi-cultural environments, and learn how to take into account different points of view in decision making processes.

A unique experience in Global Education

Our main focus is on the educational value that this experience can provide you. In addition to acquiring skills and knowledge that will help you develop as a person, you will develop the necessary skills and competences to contribute to a fairer, more sustainable, and peaceful world.


Intercultural communication

Ability to listen and correctly understand the feelings, views, reasoning of other cultures.


Conflict Resolutions

Analyze the causes of a problem and propose conciliatory solutions for the majority.


Language skills

Read, understand, and interpret the world in a multidimensional way.



Collaborate and cooperate with others, feel part of a team, and work together to achieve common goals.

How will you do it?

Upon arrival, students gather for a workshop in Madrid. From Madrid they leave on Friday afternoon to their destination. The workshop is meant to be a starting point for the participant’s new adventure, familiarizing the participants with the basics of the Spanish culture and society.


The workshop covers expectations, cultural hints, daily life & culture, and is held by experienced trainers who use group activities but also fun activities like walks, guided visits and food tasting to break the ice and welcome the students into the program.


Once the program begins and the students arrive at their host families, AIPC Pandora offers a 24×7 support for the students and families, with a Local Coordinator for immediate problem solving, and a National Coordinator for extra support and mediation.


Age between 14 and 19

Academic Year in Spain. Madrid.

Community of Madrid

Año Académico en España - Castilla y León

Castilla and Leon



Año Académico en España - Andalucía


Valencia region

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