international cooperation

AIPC Pandora has several international cooperation projects resulting, in most cases, from mobility and international education projects.

Our cooperation methodology

In some cases, it has been the same projects where young people have participated, which have been extended to international cooperation interventions. In other cases, they have emerged under the initiative of the local partners, who, after an intervention by the volunteers, have seen it appropriate to continue developing the project.

Featured projects:

We have been working on the island since 2014 with projects mainly funded by the Embassy of Japan. This initiative supports all kinds of improvements in specific infrastructure. After these interventions, our volunteers collaborate in the dynamization of the different projects.

Support for the repair of the Heroes of Girón School in the municipality of Banes, Holguin province.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the recovery of the educational infrastructure damaged by hurricanes Ike and Sandy. We aim to rehabilitate Héroes de Girón school in Banes municipality. The local counterpart is the Provincial Directorate of Education.

This project is funded by the Japanese Embassy with an amount of86,028 euros.

Drinking water supply provider projects on Youth island.

The overall objective of these projects that have been developed since 2016 is to raise the quality of life of the population from the improvement of the water supply service throughout the territory of the Island of Youth. This project will benefit 16,686 people by repositioning 6 new water supply pumps with all the technical devices that guarantee the quality and quantity of the water received in their communities. The local counterpart is the Isle of Youth Hydroisla Agency.

The first project, funded by the Embassy of Japan with an amount of69,899.50 euros.

The second project, also funded by the Embassy of Japan and which began in 2018, has an amount of90,000 euros.

Kalassa School Project

AIPC Pandora has been working in Mali since 2009 and Kalassa since 2011 together with a group of 10 volunteers. They reached a compromise with the local association,”Sourires des Femmes”, to build a school in the village of Kalassa, where a population of more than 10,000 people had nowhere to educate their children.

In Kalassa, the nearest school was a 4-hour walk from the village, so the group of volunteers that was in 2011 was constituted as a commission of participation of AIPC Pandora and began a fundraising campaign for the construction of a school. Since then, funds have been raised from different public and private institutions and the school has been in place since 2013, educating more than 260 children in the community.

In addition, the project has Committees of Women, Sustainability Committees and agricultural exploitation, enhancing the local economy and providing work and food security to the people of Kalassa. All these initiatives have emerged from the school’s project.

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