Three Cultures of the Mediterranean

Immersion and exploration of the occidental culture through an Arabic, Jewish & Christian perspective.

The history of Spain is a compendium of influences from the different cultures that have existed in the country. Relations between Muslims, Jews, and Christian have been shaped not only by theologies and beliefs of the three religions, but also, and often more strongly, by the historical circumstances in which they are found.


Toledo has always been known as a city of tolerance, or as the City of Three Cultures, with the coexistence of Jews, Muslims, and Christians.


The Muslim culture was prevalent for many centuries in Granada, and we can still see the power and beauty of Arabic culture and civilization.

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Cities: Madrid-Toledo-Granada

Length: 11-21 Days

Dates: All through the year

Participants: 10-20

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Ages: Teens and adults

The Program

  • Cultural Orientation & Exploration of the three cultures (Arabic, Jewish, Christian) in Madrid: exploring Madrid from a multicultural perspective, with a mix of historical visits and analytical meetings with multicultural organizations.

  • Close contact with the different realities of the three cultures of the Mediterranean in Toledo: cultural visits, workshops, and volunteer service.

  • Dialogue & Intercultural Education in Granada: cultural visits, approaches to and understanding of the intercultural concept through theater, painting, and craft with professionals.
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