The Youth & Leadership 2021 takes place in Spain in July. They are scholarships for experiential educational projects on youth leadership, global challenges and local action through volunteering.

You'll develop skills you need for your full development

and your leadership ability to contribute to a fairer, more sustainable and supportive world.


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Open call 2021: until May 2nd.

Scholarships for young people between the age of 15 and 18, with proven talent (academic, in social, cultural or sporting participation) who are eager to strive, grow and improve society and the world but have fewer opportunities due to a low income.

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See the requirements, conditions, and how to apply for the scholarship.*

Scholarships for one of the three projects in July of our educational program Act

Sustainability and rural development

Local environmental and rural development initiatives in the so-called empty Spain.
14 days, in Poza de la Sal (Burgos) and Artieda (Aragonese Pyrenees).

Seas and plastics

Initiation to diving, cleaning of the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea of plastics and environmental awareness activities.
10 days, in L’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona).

Urbanism and technology

Learn about digital manufacturing to change the world (3D design and printing, laser scanning and cutting) and its application through a real urban intervention project (Smart City). 100% in English. 5 days, in Madrid.

Online training

In addition, you will study the online course “The Challenges of a Changing World”, of Global Youth Academy, the e-learning platform of AIPC Pandora.

8 modules (+24 hours, linked to the Sustainable DevelopmentGoals, UN) that you study autonomously on:

What will you accomplish?

We want to meet you and start accompanying you on your life path. To get to know yourself, others and the world. As a result, personal growth, employability, leadership skills and contribution to understanding a sustainable, equitable and inclusive development in your community and in the world. May you display your full potential, achieve your dreams and contribute to improving the world.


Develop key values, attitudes and competencies for your integral development (personal, academic, social and then professional).


Boost your leadership in local actions in favor of global challenges and UN SDGs as a global citizen.


You’ll meet super interesting new people and you’ll have a great time!


You will receive a certificate that can be of use to you.

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