We want to make an alliance with your organization

We are clear that it is the alliance model which allows us to multiply the impact and messages we want to transmit. We also know that innovation arises from diversity. Therefore, we propose to you to join us in promoting the education of young people for a more fair, supportive and peaceful world. Together we can make a difference.

Together we can change the world

What is your vision for the future of work? How do you think education will evolve in the coming years? Do you trust that humanity will be able to stop climate change? Do you have a strategy within the 2030 Agenda?

The solution goes through a winning equation:

Innovation + Education + Equal Opportunities – Future.

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Equal Opportunities


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That’s why we’re looking for people like you and organizations like yours. People and organizations who share our vision of change and want to bring a new vision and strategy to sustainable development.

How can we collaborate?

Your organization can participate and support different programs such as: Scholarships of Excellence or the Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship program.

Scholarships to Excellence in Global Education

Talent Opportunity Program
Three-year Program of Excellence, Leadership & Equal Opportunity, for young people starting when they are 15 years (in 4th ESO) until they can access the best universities.

Program of Excellence & Equal Opportunitythat offers the possibility of accessing experiences of non-formal international education for young people between 15 and 25 years old with academic, social, cultural or sporting excellence and limited socio-economic resources.

Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

We adapt your company’s CSR policies to our educational innovation programs by linking social entrepreneurship, innovation and international education with excellent young people with reduced opportunities.

We work with companies on innovative projects. For example, with Ford Funds. The company is committed to linking equal opportunities with itineraries of social entrepreneurship and pre-working training of young people at risk of exclusion in Valencia.

Corporate volunteering program

We offer oriented to offer tailor-made projects for groups of companies and organizations of all kinds framed in their values and corporate social responsibility programs. Programs will be tailored to their CSR Plans, the SDGs they target as well as their corporate volunteer plans, based on international volunteering, intercultural expertise and impact capacity in local communities in more than 50 countries.


Education and community building:


Youth education and entrepreneurship, women empowerment

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Education, rehabilitation and sustainable agriculture:

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