Urban Democracy and Youth Entrepreneurship in Spain

Youth activism in urban culture using technology to transform the means of action.

Spain, led by a new generation of activists and politicians, is a leader in the new wave of public initiatives and bottom-up perspectives aiming at improving the urban quality of life.


Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, and Santander are examples of smart cities with a multitude of cutting-edge experiences being created by both public institutions and bottom-up initiatives.

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Cities: Madrid-Valencia-Palma de Mallorca-Barcelona

Length: 15-21 Days

Dates: All through the year

Participants: 10-20

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Ages: Teens and adults

The Program

Cultural Orientation & Technology and Social Innovation Workshops in Madrid: Together with a group of local students, participants will:

  • Become immersed in the Mediterranean city through workshop sessions.
  • Learn how to observe, discuss, and read the physical and social environment of the city.
  • Learn to have a critical and analytical view of the city and its structure.
  • Learn to integrate digital and analogical tools in creative group work.
  • Develop a collaborative design of a real public space in Madrid’s local districts.

  • Homestay in Valencia: Participants will enjoy a culturally immersive homestay experience, with historical visits, visits to urban projects, an analysis of public and social approaches to urbanism, and community service in a environmentally sustainable organization.

  • Urban Culture in Palma de Mallorca: Activities in social urban development: music, theater, urban art, and cartooning. It also includes visits to new creative communities to learn about their expressions in public spaces.

  • The program will conclude with an exploration of Barcelona from a cultural and artistic view, reflecting on their experiences and integrating the knowledge they have gained throughout the program.
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