Spanish Art, Language & Culture

The focus of this program is to establish a broad vision of society, culture, and art in modern Spain. We propose an extensive program with those differences that converge at the crossroads of civilizations, cultures, and landscapes, reinvigorating the current Spanish reality. Students will be guided by a certified language professor and art expert throughout their journey.

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Cities: Madrid-Seville-Jerez de la Frontera-Granada-Barcelona-Bilbao-Vitoria-Biarritz-San Sebastián

Length: 15-25 Days

Dates: June-July

Participants: 15-20

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Ages: 14-16 years

The Program

  • Visit to Bilbao: Workshop on Basque culture and identity, conference about society and economy in the Basque Country, workshop on local/global entrepreneurship, maritime activities, and promenades.

  • Tour of San Sebastián: visits to monuments, museums, workshop on Basque cuisine (pintxos), vineyard tour.

  • Visit to Madrid (3-4 days): guided tour of historic center of Madrid, overview of Spanish history, visits to the Prado and Reina Sofi Museum.

  • Visit to Seville (15-20 days): historic tour, workshop on Andalusian culture, with a focus on Flamenco and Picasso, sailing on the Guadalquivir River, visits to many traditional neighborhoods.
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