At AIPC Pandora we train and empower young people to lead a fair and sustainable world, organizing programs in more than 60 countries.


Our areas of action translate into programs such as the following:


The first group of 23 young Americans traveled to France in the summer of 1932. “People learn to live together by living together” – today “Building Peace through Understanding”.

The name: Association for the Integration and Progress of Cultures, Pandora

1. Learn

Forming and preparing our participants.


2. Act

Forming and preparing our participants.


3. Transform

Training our participants

Pandora's Myth

Prometheus stole the fire from Zeus, god of the gods in Greek mythology. In order to take revenge Zeus created Pandora, asking the other gods to provide him with all the gifts, beauty and intelligence. Zeus sends Pandora to Epimetheus, Prometheus’ brother, so they can fall in love and get married. As a wedding present she gives Pandora a box containing all the evils and asks her never to open it. Pandora did not resist temptation and opened the box and all evils came out to earth. Pandora closed the box in time for hope to remain within.

Why Is AIPC Pandora Called AIPC Pandora?

Pure Western values and the need to keep them in mind + hope that remains in the box – the inspiration and foundation of AIPC Pandora.

These values today translate into:

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