Marine conservation and sustainable navigation

If you want to go on a sailing trip, discovering the Mediterranean Sea and its species, volunteer on the beaches and in the sea, and learn from all this experience about the challenges of the oceans today, this is the project for you!

This project will
allow you to

  • Learn about the coastal marine biology of the Mediterranean and about its ecosystems.
  • Learn the basic notions and fundamentals of sailing and life aboard a sailboat.
  • Learn about the major environmental problems and challenges facing the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Learn about the environmental impacts and challenges of the Mediterranean at a local level.
  • Get to know ecosystems of high environmental value in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.
  • Learn about citizen science and the importance of citizen involvement in this type of project.
  • Learn about the operation of local environmental projects.

What does the experience include?

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Location: Coast of Almería (Andalucía, Spain)
Accommodation: On the sailboat, where double cabins are shared
Duration: 8 days (including arrival and departure days)
Dates: 2 – 9 July
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Cost: 1,441€*
(For groups of more than 8 participants; the price may vary if the minimum number of participants is not reached)
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Age: 16 – 18

This program supports the Sustainable Development Goals:


Sustainable cities
and communities

You will learn how to contribute to the sustainable development of disadvantaged villages and populations. This knowledge is very valuable as you can always apply it in different circumstances.


Supporting the most vulnerable regions will contribute directly to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Awareness of the needs and richness of the sea.
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