Homestay in Spain Program

+14 years old

The Homestay Program is aimed at any student or adult interested in a complete social, cultural and linguistic immersion in Spain, to study or improve their Spanish Language skills, living with a host family from 1 week upwards. The program includes the option to choose weekly Spanish classes, either individual or in a group, or school visit.


 years old

From 1 week upwards

*Please inquiry for different program’s lengths.

Starting from 583€*


**For the Homestay Program + school visit, there will be an extra cost of 40€ for the school enrollment.

Homestay in Spain program

Host family placement

All of our host families are carefully selected by AIPC Pandora which personally visits the family and meets all the members.

A host family is always a family with one or more children, usually of the same age of the host student.

Our families are now as modern as in any other western society, where women have jobs outside the home and life is fast and dynamic.

Our families can be located either in big cities or in towns, always with easy access to schools and services by public transport. In AIPC Pandora we do not discriminate against applicants or hosts based on race, religion or ethnic background. Students always have a single room with shared bathroom and other common spaces (e.g. living room).

In order for the homestay to be successful, both sides have to work on their relationship. Most of the families that participate in our program have been hosting exchange students for a long period and all of them work according to our Homestay Code of Conduct which collects all the principles and standards necessary to offer the students a global learning experience.


After having interviewed the participants, the Agent must send to AIPC Pandora the application form, completed with all the details of the participant, letter for the host family, pictures, medical report and duration chosen. All the applications must be sent to AIPC Pandora at least 3 months before the program starting date.

Once AIPC Pandora receives the application form and the participant’s details, we will start matching between our families and students.

AIPC Pandora will send the family details and info sheet to the Agent as soon as the matching is completed and no later than one month before the program starts.

Homestay in Spain program

Optional Spanish classes

Our native teachers are not only experts on the language, they are specialized on different fields as well, such as: history, economics, social science, theatre, anthropology, arts, and politics, thus providing an integral learning experience beyond the language.

We offer courses in Madrid and Valencia. The costs for group classes start at 22€ for 4 hours a week, for those staying longer than 8 weeks. Private lessons start at 25€/hour.

A unique experience in Global Education

Our main focus is on the educational value that this experience can provide you. In addition to acquiring skills and knowledge that will help you develop as a person, you will develop the necessary skills and competences to contribute to a fairer, more sustainable, and peaceful world.


Intercultural communication

Ability to listen and correctly understand the feelings, views, reasoning of other cultures.


Conflict Resolutions

Analyze the causes of a problem and propose conciliatory solutions for the majority.


Language skills

Read, understand, and interpret the world in a multidimensional way.



Collaborate and cooperate with others, feel part of a team, and work together to achieve common goals.

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