We work in different areas aligned with the SDGS

AIPC Pandora’s mission is to empower and guide future generations of global leaders. We do so by shaping and accompanying young people in the process of integrating and adapting to different realities and cultures and being able to contribute to local projects around the world.

Sustainability, on the Global Agenda

AIPC Pandora is a non-profit organization with more than 16 years of experience in promoting Global Citizenship for the construction of a fairer, more supportive and peaceful world. For this end, we develop International Education programs for young people based on volunteering, cultural exchange or professional practice in more than 57 countries and in multicultural environments.

Global Education

These objectives form the ethical and practical basis of AIPC Pandora’s global education programmes. We are preparing young people for the changes that need to be made. We provide them with the global skills they will need to live and work such as, knowledge of European values, human rights, language skills, effective communication, ability to understand different environments and situations and learning and living international experiences that allow them to raise awareness on their own skills and competences. Our global education programs empower young people to create a happy and profitable life for themselves and those around them.

We integrate the SDGs cross-cuttingly into our programs

We integrate the SDGs throughout our programs and depending on the theme and the area of action, there will be different links. But in general, all our projects integrate the 5 SDS that correspond to the themes of our projects:

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