Internship and Volunteering in Spain Program

+18 years old

Our Internship and Volunteering programs are available in Madrid and Valencia, and tailored to meet the specific interests and needs of each participant.


 years old

From 1 month upwards*

*Please inquiry for different program’s lengths.

Starting from 1210€*


*The costs of the program shared with the Agent never include the Agent’s fee. The Agent is responsible for adding its own administration fee to the total cost of the Program and organize payment directly with the student.

Internship and volunteering in Spain
Internship and volunteering in Spain


The Internship Program is a non-paying work experience program offered to students over the age of 18 or adults who are interested in developing their professional skills and knowledge in an intercultural setting by working with a Spanish company and learning (or improving) their Spanish language skills.

AIPC Pandora offers internships in the following areas: Education, Marketing and Communication, Engineering, International Business, Finance, Sports, Design, Research, Hospitality, Architecture and Science/Medicine.


The Volunteering Program is offered to students over the age of 18 or adults interested in collaborating with a non-profit organization project. Volunteers have the opportunity to get to know alternative forms of volunteering, as well as improve their knowledge of the Spanish language, culture and traditions.

The areas covered are Education, Environment and Social Work.

Internship and volunteering in Spain


The Agent must send the application form to AIPC Pandora

(The Agent can also use its own application form), followed by:

Icon awesome-user-alt


Motivational letter
Approximate dates


Icon material-location-on
Accommodation (shared flat or homestay full board)

All applications must be sent to AIPC Pandora at least 5 months before the program starting date. Once AIPC Pandora receives all the documents above mentioned, we will start organizing the process. As the companies and/or organizations need to confirm application, it is important for the Agent to know that the process can take from 2 weeks to 2 months.


It is also relevant for the student to understand that flexibility about the city chosen is very important, as we cannot guarantee whether the student will be placed in the preferred option.

The Agent should help the participant along the whole application process.

The Agent must send to AIPC Pandora the following documents:

Flights details (arrival and return)
Travel and health insurance
VISA (if any)*

Once the student is in Spain, they will be hosted with an on-arrival orientation meeting. AIPC Pandora will always be present and provide support 24/7 during the entire program.

*The Agent is responsible for checking the VISA requirements in the home country. Should the participant need a VISA to come and stay in Spain, the Agent must be aware of the procedures needed. AIPC Pandora will help along the process by sending an invitation letter and any other documents needed.


• Airport pick-up

• On-arrival orientation

• Follow-up

• Accommodation (shared flat or homestay)

A unique experience in Global Education

Our main focus is on the educational value that this experience can provide you. In addition to acquiring skills and knowledge that will help you develop as a person, you will develop the necessary skills and competences to contribute to a fairer, more sustainable, and peaceful world.


Intercultural communication

Ability to listen and correctly understand the feelings, views, reasoning of other cultures.


Conflict Resolutions

Analyze the causes of a problem and propose conciliatory solutions for the majority.


Language skills

Read, understand, and interpret the world in a multidimensional way.



Collaborate and cooperate with others, feel part of a team, and work together to achieve common goals.

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