Mediterranean Diet & Sustainability

Discovering the cycle of sustainable food production, linked to the highlights of the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet, considered one of the healthiest in the world, is not just a diet, but a lifestyle too for Spaniards and Southern Europeans.


With this program, students will discover Spanish cuisine from the very first day, taking part in workshops to learn about the culture, history, and lifestyle of Spanish cuisine.

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Cities: Madrid-Valencia-Mallorca-Barcelona

Length: 11-21 Days

Dates: All along the year

Participants: 10-20

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Ages: Teens and adults

The Program

  • Intercultural Orientation and Orientation in Madrid: Includes historical visit to Madrid, introduction to Spanish food and the concept of the Mediterranean diet, and visits to markets and other culinary institutions.


  • Homestay in Valencia: This culturally immersive homestay experience includes a historical visit to Valencia, discovery of the traditional culture and evolution of rice cultivation, and visits to important cooking institutions. It will conclude with a paella workshop and an optional language course.


  • Sustainability in Palma de Mallorca: Participants will learn about the concept of sustainability through waste management. They will participate in Spanish workshops focused on how to recycle and manage organic waste, and they will visit production centers to develop an appreciation of organic production processes.


  • To end the program, groups will explore Barcelona from a cultural and artistic view, reflecting on their experiences and integrating their knowledge gained throughout the program.
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