International Solidarity Summer 2022

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International Solidarity Summer is an international experiential educational program for young people from 13 to 18 years old. During 2 to 3 weeks in July, it offers a total immersion in different cultures through a full international volunteering program with local communities in different areas, and day to day practice of a foreign language.

Get ready to change the world

With the skills and competences you will develop and gain in our projects, you will be able to become a unique pillar in each of the areas that interest you most. For example, environmental and social integration.

If you wish to receive information about the 2022 Summer programs, you can write to or call this number +34 659 00 45 62.

13-18 years old

2 to 3 weeks of projects

Training at Global Youth Academy

10 global challenges, 30 lessons based on videos and interactive exercises.

This program supports the
Sustainable Development Goals


A life-changing education

A unique project of immersion in a new culture, where you can develop incredible skills and competences, which will accompany and serve you throughout your life.

Unique experience in global education

Our main focus is on the educational value that this unique experience can provide you with. In addition to acquiring unique skills and knowledge that will help you change the world, you will be able to put them into practice in all kinds of situations when you return.

Intercultural communication:

bility to listen and correctly understand the feelings, views, and reasoning of other cultures.


Ability to know yourself as an individual and a member of society, i.e., as a citizen.

Language Skills

Ability to express yourself understandably and effectively in your mother tongue and master other languages.

Emotional intelligence

Ability to consider and evaluate the information and opinions of others.

Projects 2022

Projects aged between 13 and 18

South Africa

Education and environment

16 – 18 years old


Education and construction.

16 – 18 years old

India kundapur

Education, rehabilitation and sustainable agriculture

13 – 15 years


Education and environment

16 – 18 years old


Education and construction

16 – 18 years old


Educación, contrucción y deporte


India Mysore

Educación y empoderamiento de la mujer


Sri Lanka

Educación, conservación de elefantes y construcción

Group projects +18 - 2022



+18 years



Education, art and infrastructure maintenance.

+18 years

Voluntariado Guatemala


Empowerment of women

+18 years

Start the adventure
of a lifetime

With our programs, you will be able to experience opportunities very few have had the chance to enjoy, opening your mind to fascinating cultures and countries all over the world.

We'll guide you through every
step you take

You will always be accompanied by a tutor who will ensure your well-being so that you can make the most of your volunteer work.

Always accompanied

Support 24/7 by young, bilingual, and experienced coordinators who guide and ensure their well-being and the impact of their actions throughout the stay.

Skills you'll develop

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