Join us to build a better world

With your input and with the rest of our partners you are directly supporting the Program and making it possible for selected young people to live experiences that transform their lives.

What we do

At AIPC Pandora we empower and train young people to lead a fair and sustainable world by organizing programs in more than 60 countries.

One of the pillars of our mission is to provide equal opportunities and access to innovative and quality education. We support excellence (academic, artistic, sports and social) of young people who come from environments with reduced socio-economic opportunities.

For this we have programs of scholarships of global education, social entrepreneurship and accompaniment to high-level university education, which allows young people to access the best education on an equal footing.

Our program of Members directly supports these programs. As a partner of AIPC Pandora you are transforming the educational opportunities of many young people.

Partner Program

As a new member, you will be contributing to the development of all AIPC Pandora projects that include all our programs, in addition to the Scholarships.

Advantages of membership

In 2021, we offer our members a free training of our Global Youth Academy which you can carry out at your own pace throughout the year.

You will have priority in the allocation of places and discounts in our programs of global education, international mobility and social entrepreneurship.

In 2021, we offer our members a free training of our Global Youth Academy which you can carry out at your own pace throughout the year.

AIPC Pandora is an NGO. Therefore, you will benefit from your tax contributions at the end of the year.

Our share for new members starts at 5 euros per month

Make a donation

It’s as simple as following these steps:

With your donation you are directly supporting the Scholarship Program and making it possible for selected youth to live life-changing experiences. You can watch the video of the 2019 experience and view the report.

transfer money

1. Bank transfer

To any of our accounts, indicating in the concept which program you want to support:

2100 6119 95 0200012191 (La Caixa)
1491 0001 24 2006654624 (Triodos Bank)


2. Notification

Once you make the transfer, it is ESSENTIAL that you send us an email with your personal data to manage the tax exemption.


3. Thank you!

As a final step, we only have to thank you for your contribution. At AIPC Pandora, we have people like you to carry out our global project.

Donating 15th only costs 4€

Donating is much more affordable than you imagine and the effects are undoubtedly positive. For example, if you collaborate with an NGO with 15 euros per month it will actually only cost you 4 euros per month.

We explain it in detail with a couple of examples. If you donate 180 euros per year (15 euros / month), in your Income Statement you will deduct 130.5 euros and it will have cost you 49.5 euros (4 euros / month). In addition, if you collaborate with the same NGO after 3 years the savings will increase.

Become a partner

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