Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language for Spanish-speaking students

Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese

as a Foreign Language for Spanish-speaking students

Master en Enseñanza de Chino como lengua extranjera para alumnado hispanohablante


This Master offers a solid training both in Chinese language teaching and Spanish language, so Chinese students will be able to work as Chinese language teachers in the different educational settings of Spain and Latin America.

Face-to-face classes

From 14/9/2020 to 18/6/2021


60 Credits

Location: Barcelona

July 2019/ April 2020

Master’s aims

• To train professionals methodologically and educationally to the teaching of the Chinese language to children, teenagers and adults, particularly emphasising the use of communicational and interactive resources, as well as new technologies and internet.

• To achieve enough level of Spanish to be able to communicate in the classroom with Spanish-speaking students.

• To know the specific cultural environment and educational aspects of the Spanish educational model.

• To acquire the necessary theoretical basis of the prevailing approaches in Western teaching.

• To give the necessary educational and psychological tools to be able to teach Chinese to Spanish-speaking students. This master is aimed to give professional status to the students, thus, the theoretical content will be complemented with practical content and an internship in educational centres is offered. The master will be taught in Chinese and Spanish. It is the result of the collaboration between Universitat de Vic, Universitat Central de Catalunya and Fundación Instituto Confucio in Barcelona.


Continuous evaluation, exams, internship assessment and final dissertation. A minimum of 90% of attendance will be required for the on-campus lessons. Regarding the internship unit, it will be required the 100% of the agreed hours according to the syllabus



· Hold a degree or its equivalent (on the domain of Education or humanities).
· Native level of Chinese, HSK6 or C1 (the courses will be given in Mandarin Chinese)
· Consolidated A2 level of Spanish
· Pass the selection interview
· Motivation letter

Structure of the Master

Unit 1. · Educational and psychological basis of the Teaching-Learning process (14 credits)

· Psychology of Education (6 credits)
· General teaching (4 credits)
· School, educational system and teaching role (4 credits)

Unit 2. · Didactics of Chinese teaching (10 credits)

· Social, linguistic and cultural characteristics of the Spanish-speaking students and course planning. (2 credits)
· Theoretical basis for the teaching of Chinese phonetics, writing and grammar for Spanish-speaking students. (3 credits)
· Didactics and methodology of Chinese teaching. (3 credits)
· New technologies in teaching and Chinese learning. (1 credit)
· Intercultural communication competence. (1 credit)

Unit 3. · Spanish and its use in the classroom (20 credits)

· Spanish learning A2 (6 credits)
· Spanish learning B1 (6 credits)
· Spanish learning B2 (6 credits)
· Spanish for the classroom (2 credits)

Unit 4. Internship (10 credits)

It is 100 hours in which the students will be able to observe in classrooms, help the teachers in the preparation of the teaching materials and participate in the teaching activities giving Chinese lessons to Spanish-speaking students.

Unit 5. Final Dissertation (6 credits)

Final project about a methological ot theoretical aspect compared to the internship of the master. Total: 60 credits

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