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Welcome to Stories that Change the World. In this section we want to give a voice to all young people who have lived transformative experiences around the world. To those who have learned and helped, who have grown as people, and have developed global and ethical leadership capacities that will accompany them throughout their journey. Their stories inspire us and teach us that there is a whole generation that sees the world with positive eyes. They have a great capacity for innovation and proactivity towards the global challenges that we face as individuals and as a society on a global scale.


Big thanks to all the young people who shared their stories and made the great Pandora Community grow to Change the World.

Summary video

Elena Curulla

Adrian Cojocaru

María Sauca

Luis Ujados

María Jiménez

Beatriz Delgado

Esperanza Lario

Manuel Campos

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Spanish youth ACT against climate change

International Climate Day   World Climate Day: Madrid, March 26th 2021. We live in a complex world in which we have built an efficient system

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