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The Republic of Kenya is a country located in East Africa. Kenya’s economy is the highest GDP in the East and Central Africa region. Despite being a stable country and probably one of the most prosperous in the region, the gap between the rich and the poor is huge. The country is divided into eight regions and not all of them have the same level of development.

The challenges you'll face in this unique experience

The island of Lamu is known for being the cradle of Swahili culture, giving its name to the archipelago of which it is capital. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and its temperature is warm. It is a paradise and an ecological place in its core (in recent years it has fought for the cleanliness of its coasts). Cars are not allowed. The only means of transport are boats and donkeys.

What does the experience include?

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Location: Lamu Island (Kenya)
Accommodation: Volunteer house
Date: July 1 to July 15, 2022
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Cost: 1,440€
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Age: +18 years
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Topics: Education, art, and infrastructure rehabilitation

This program supports the Sustainable Development Goals:


Quality education

You will be able to participate in improving the education and the educational development of the local youth.

Responsible production and consumption:

Awareness of the environmental needs of the whole world, particularly those of the developing countries.

What is the project about?

The school in the local community was born because of the serious problem of spills and wastes into the Lamu Sea, the Indian Ocean. Its founder, when returning to his home island, decided to work with a group of women recycling with the plastic bags they collected on the beaches. Women came to work with their children, so, for these children to study, he built a school with all the bottles that they collected on the beaches. Over time, the women’s project was not necessary, so the women stopped working, but the school has continued functioning since it was founded 9 years ago.

You will participate in the entire educational project of the school, supporting the teachers in the classes, offering workshops to the children, and participating in the daily management of the canteen, the entrances and exits, as well as in the daily organization of activities.

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What does this project offer?

  • Volunteering activities in the school offer educational workshops to children and collaborating with the maintenance and beautification of the facilities.
  • Improve your English level because that’s the language you’ll use to communicate with children.
  • Knowledge of Swahili culture.
  • Personal growth by developing skills and confidence to relate in a country with a different culture, acquiring flexibility to learn, accept, respect, and live with other people whose culture and values may be different from ours.

* All services included except flight tickets and personal expenses. Final price may vary if the minimum number of participants is not reached (16 young people)
* Tentative dates based on flights.

Skills you will develop

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