¡International education, more necessary than ever!

¡La educación internacional, más necesaria que nunca!

On June 23, 1932, a group of 23 young people arrived in France, led by Donald Watt, the American founder of an organization whose motto was “people learn to live together, by living together.” A few years later, Donald Watts founded an international federation of associations whose objective was to organize homestays abroad so that young people could meet other people of different cultures, different customs, different opinions… This is Federation EIL (Experiment in International Living) present on all continents and of which AIPC Pandora is the Spanish member.


The mission of EIL and its members is to “promote peace through understanding among people” and all the programs developed teach young people the ability to understand, encourage listening and empathy so that they can understand all points of view, knowing how to dialogue with anyone, in light of the values ​​of freedom, equality and social justice.


Like EIL, many organizations have promoted international learning programs, people travel, learn languages ​​and become familiar with other ways of living, feeling and thinking.


During the 20th century, two terrible wars led to the promotion of international institutions, the most significant of which was the United Nations, and we Europeans have been building the European Union, finally understanding that the distribution of wealth and the values ​​that support Human Rights would prevent more wars.


Although very positive, all these achievements are not sufficient. Wars are emerging around us, wars in which we are increasingly involved, wars that are terrifyingly similar to those we have had throughout history and that we have strived to erase from our lives.


Is “understanding” among people enough to achieve peace? What’s the point of millions of people constantly traveling to all countries, what’s the point of global trade, global economy, global finances?


What do the organizations and institutions that have been working for peace for more than 80 years have to do?


The answer is complex, but for sure, we must recognize that individuals who put power and money as a priority can always arise and, therefore, are capable of causing atrocities. So we have to continue to support the international institutions that defend our values, teach our young people that neither money nor power misused, lead to happiness, that understanding without social justice means nothing, that we must be brave and denounce those who cause or support violence; We have to continue educating young people and tell them that, of course, they must learn and progress personally, but, at the same time, try their best for the fruit of their actions be the improvement of the lives of those around them, this is the driving force for peace and happiness.



funfdadora AIPC Pandora

Chantal Mayer

Founder of AIPC Pandora

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