Academic Year in Spain
Castilla and Leon

Castilla and Leon, nestled in the heart of Spain, is a region of rich history and diverse landscapes. With its nine provinces, including Ávila, Burgos, Segovia, León, and Valladolid, it offers a unique blend of culture and natural beauty. Students placed in Castilla y León can explore medieval towns, savor traditional Spanish cuisine like roast lamb, and enjoy leisurely countryside walks, immersing themselves in the authentic Spanish way of life.

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Quality education

You will be able to participate in improving the education and the educational development of the local youth.

Communication skills

You will notice how your second language improves and how communication with others improves.

What does the experience include?


Languages spoken: Spanish

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Location: Castilla and Leon (Spain)

Type of school: Public school
Accommodation: Homestay
Duration: 3 months up to a full school year
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Cost from: 4.450€

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Age: 14 – 18 years

Skills you'll develop

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