Educational methodology

Our current methodology is the product of 19 years of experience and feeds on different approaches such as the Global Service Learning, the development of the OECD Global Competences and our 3-phase journey which is included in all of our projects. training, direct experience and actions developed when returning from the projects allow a transformation of our youngsters to Global Citizenship

Socio-educational innovation

Direct and face-to-face mentoring throughout the project cycle:

Culture is understood as the way in which we each interpret the world and our immediate realities which as a result, defines our way of thinking, feeling and acting.

Integration: It is understood as a process for understanding and adapting to new realities, ways of being and thinking, without losing our own identity and culture. This derives in effective communication and participation.

We understand progress as the progress of each person and their relationship with others constantly making an effort to improve one’s life and that of the people around us. “No man can find his own soul until he sets a balance between himself and society” A.Einstein.

Our areas of action

International and Intercultural Education Programs

We have a wide variety of programs, both Outbound (outside Spain) and Inbound (in Spain) that allow us to experience different realities, cultures and educational environments.

Global Citizenship Training

We extend and include education for global citizenship in all our programs, exposing young people to their problems and solutions in an experiential way.

Our volunteer programs:

We promote volunteering and include it throughout all of our programs, exposing young people to social service and contribution.

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