Volunteering in Spain

Volunteering in Spain


Madrid and Valencia


Homestay or shared flat


From 4 weeks on


From 1.200€

Collaboration with an NGO or a school.

The Volunteering Program is offered to students over the age of 18 or adults interested
in collaborating with a non-profit organization project. Volunteers have the opportunity
to get to know alternative forms of volunteering, as well as improve their knowledge of
the Spanish language, culture and traditions.

Spain is a country with a welfare system, where solidarity and social services are enhanced by the public administration and, at the same time, organized amongst civil society. There are many NGOs all around the country who, with public or private support, dedicate themselves to different causes.

The Program, available in Madrid and Valencia is open for individuals of all ages.




This is a volunteering program for all of those who are interested in teaching whilst at the same time appreciating other cultures and supporting responsible, independent and ethical students in their persuit of becoming leaders in the greater community. In this voluntary work, participants will form part of an organization specialized in new educational methods that offers, amongst many others things, learning languages, new technologies, sport and cultural activities.



This volunteering experience is for people who love nature and would like to cooperate with local environmental organizations. Tasks could involve working on water production processes in rural areas, carrying out routing information in national parks, strengthening reforestation projects, dealing with endangered species and many more.



By taking part in this volunteering program, participants will come together with people affected by social exclusion and will work towards guiding them and creating opportunities that will improve their life. Beneficiaries of the program could be people with financial problems who are excluded from the healthcare system, immigrants or disabled women with certain physical and/or psychological conditions.

Volunteers will work in a non-profit organization that is focused on guidance, mediation, training linked to social action, volunteering, promoting and spreading voluntary activities among society.

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