Scholarship program

Scholarship program

At AIPC Pandora, we work to ensure access to quality education, encouraging and rewarding educational excellence regardless of origin or socioeconomic background of students.

Our Youth&Leadership program is an innovative educational project that offers scholarships to young people who have limited socio-economic resources so that they can participate in international experiences. The eligibility criteria is to have an outstanding academic, social or artistic record.

The Program is made possible thanks to a partnership between AIPC Pandora, the mentoring organizations of participants (NGO and local entities) and external financial organisations including different foundations and companies. In 2018 at least 10% of our participants will be granted a scholarship.

Below you can watch a video about the program:



The Associates Program of AIPC Pandora is connected to the Youth&Leadership program in such a way that 100% of our members’ financial contribution goes directly to the development of the program. If you want to support our cause, the best way is to become a member of our organization, AIPC Pandora or to make a one-time donation.

For more information about the Youth&Leadership Program, please contact us at

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