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In AIPC Pandora, we have been working for more than 16 years with people’s ability to understand, developing global education programs. These projects are based on cultural discovery, language learning and understanding, by living together, sharing cultures, and getting involved in local projects in which knowledge is mutually exchanged.

Nowadays, Spain is a very interesting country, with many political changes on the rise, an evergrowing multicultural society and a dynamic shift on the labor market paradigm. This represents a challenging opportunity to thrive for those that would like to visit us, learn the language -the 2nd most spoken language in the world– and experience the culture through work, volunteering or a study abroad experience.






Language programs in diverse places


Our pedagogical method jumps from the classroom to the street and vice versa. We offer language programs in diverse places like

  • Madrid
  • Valencia
  • La Coruña

We generate debates about the challenges surrounding us and what concerns us as a society. We foster disscusions about economic crises, new forms of politics, nationalisms, globalization, diversity, etc. Using techniques and tools we create an eminently communicative, comprehensible classroom, and work with a grammatically focused content while triggering a participative environment. Creative activities like theatre, videos, debates, exams in the street, visits to cultural centers and games are part of the learning method, aiming to foster interaction.

Our native teachers are not also experts on the language. They are specialized on different fields as well such as: history, economics, social sciences, theatre, anthropology, art and politics, providing an integral learning experience beyond the language..

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