Internship in Spain

Internship in Spain


Madrid, Valencia, etc


homestay or shared flat


from 3 months on


From 1.650€ (8 weeks)

This is a Program for students or professionals, from 18 years old on, interested in developing their professional competence, skills and knowledge in an intercultural setting, working with a Spanish company and learning (or improving) the Spanish language.

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With this program you will develop/enforce your professional, intercultural and interpersonal skills and enhance your capacity to connect with the global labour market.

The Program, available in Madrid, Valencia and other Spanish cities, requires a conversational level in English and a knowledge of Spanish is an advantage.




This program is designed for all medical students who would like to do an internship abroad to learn about new approches or simply to get more involved in the specialization they prefer. AIPC Pandora offers internships in some field of medicine such as surgery, dietetics and others, depending on the interest of the applicant.



You would have the opportunity to work with an independent, non-profit, self-governing organization dedicated to defend, promote, and protect human rights. It’s goal is to contribute promoting changes in attitudes and behaviors in our society, promoting values such as peace, democracy and solidarity both in Spain as well as in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.




You can have an internship experience in a school if you are someone who would like to put into practice the knowledge you accumulated during your university studies. The participant will assist with one-to-one reading, oral presentations, individual and group work, and teaching assistance with many different subjects. Additionally, the intern can help with classroom administration assigned by the classroom teacher.



This is a program for students who would like to work in communication through three main activities, such as marketing, images and promoting companies. Business, marketing, communication and journalism courses/degrees are the best fit for this professional internship experience.



Participants can choose from a wide range of engineering careers, working with prestigious companies who focus on areas such as construction, civic engineering, computer engineering and much more. Interns will help with developing projects that are ran within their specific department.



This program addresses students or professionals from the field of international business interested in discovering and learning new approaches and methods about both the Spanish and the international market.

Interns can collaborate on the development of new strategies in order to learn more about the working environment in Spain.



Designed for people interested in a professional internship on the field of hospitality, including tourism or catering and restaurant businesses. Interns will help the professionals of this field while developing practical knowledge that will provide an intercultural and linguistic improvement in their lives.


For specific requests in other internship areas, please contact us at:

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