At AIPC Pandora, we work to promote access to qualitative education, encouraging and rewarding educational excellence, independent from the origin or economic/social situation of the adolescents.

The Youth&Leadership Program is an innovative education project that offers grants to participate in international experiences to young people who excel in education, art and/or the social field, but who have limited social-economic opportunities. The Program is made possible thanks to a partnership between AIPC Pandora, the mentoring organizations of the adolescents (NGO and local entities) and with the financing organizations (Foundations and companies). In 2018 at least 10% of our participants will receive some kind of financial help.

In 2017, 24 adolescents have received complete grants to participate in our 3-week international education group programs. Before going abroad and travelling to different countries in the South to participate in volunteering activities with local communities in different areas, the youngsters participate in intense trainings. The activities are all carried out in different areas: education, social work and sustainability, and environment. You can see the video of the Program by clicking on this link.

The Associates Program of AIPC Pandora is linked with the Youth&Leadership Program, 100% of the income via the Associates’ contributions go to the paperwork and development of the Program. If you want to support the Program, the best way to do so is to become an associate of AIPC Pandora, or make a one-time donation.

If you want a detailed description of the development of our program in 2017 and the results of the experience of our participants, you can read the report. For more information about the Youth&Leadership Program, please contact us at

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